8th March every year: Marking an international day in social media 

Yazan: Sanem Bahadır

#BalanceforBetter… By using this hashtag thousands of social media users shared content about the International Woman‘s Day. Since the first gathering in 1911 in the US, the International Woman’s Day became a huge event which is globally recognised and celebrated by hundred thousands of people, who are supporting the woman’s rights movement.

Through the higher usage of social media in this generation, people started marking the International Woman’s Day by using the Hashtag #BalanceforBetter this year.

On Twitter the hashtag was shared 7.777 times, but on Instagram it was shared 220.808 times, which are just the counts of the hashtags, that are written right.

To celebrate online you don’t have to do much. It is totally enough to use hashtags like #BalanceforBetter or #IWD2019 to spread awareness on social media. Also the organisers are encoring all woman to „strike the pose“ with your hands out, just as shown below. With this pose women can represent the balance that should be between men and women.

On their Twitter account, the organisers just shared a letter of thanks, in which they use the different hashtag again:

The world celebrated #IWD2019 in a truly significant way. Thank you everyone! We’ve pushed further and made ground for #womensquality. Let’s continue to forge a #BalanceforBetter today, tomorrow and everyday http://bit.ly/IWD2019

When we have a look at how the IWD is being marked across Europe, we can take Russia as a perfect example, where the International Woman’s Day is an official public holiday. That’s what women in many countries all over the world want to. Especially in European countries like France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain the International Woman’s Day is getting a more important event every year. 

Different women from all over the world used the internet and social media to get together on the last Friday. The founder of Boxy Girls (a beauty organiser company) Hannah Serimian called for women to create dialogues among people you know, to support women in their carrier and help them to live their visions and ideas. 

Serimian also said that ”We’re living in an amazing time where we can recognise the talents of so many women.”

According to Serimians statement, we have the possibility to use the internet, and especially the social media, to help other women raise them voices and possibilities in work.





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