AI in PR and Communication

PR and communication studies, have a critical role in creating and maintaining the communication language and also determine corporate reflexes in various instant developments, stand out as one of the areas that can most effectively benefit from the productive features of artificial intelligence. So, what do PR and communication professionals think about AI technologies? What … Devamını oku

Brand Ambassador benefits

If you want to measure the success of a business by listing a few items, consumer trust and brand reputation can easily be at the top of the list. It is observed that when consumers trust a brand, they purchase products and services more frequently, recommend the brand to others, and remain loyal to the … Devamını oku

8th March every year: Marking an international day in social media 

8th March every year: Marking an international day in social media 

#BalanceforBetter… By using this hashtag thousands of social media users shared content about the International Woman‘s Day. Since the first gathering in 1911 in the US, the International Woman’s Day became a huge event which is globally recognised and celebrated by hundred thousands of people, who are supporting the woman’s rights movement. Through the higher … Devamını oku

Pay-per-Click: The different ways of online marketing


PPC, that is what Pay-per-Click Marketing is called in a shorter version. Pay-per-Click Marketing is a new kind of online marketing, which is absolutely useful for a company’s advertising. The usage of PPC works just like the name tells. The company doesn’t have to pay for all the advertises they plug on a website, they … Devamını oku

Focusing on “being number one” don’t solve problems

I think you’re aware that the Republic’s 95th-anniversary celebrations have been a bit controversial. Whether the reception was in Istanbul or Ankara, we had a Republic Day accompanied by discussions such as the name of the 3rd Airport. I do not intend to be a party to discussions such as Ankara or Istanbul or Abdülhamit … Devamını oku

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