i-D Magazine’s Covers Explained!

The i-D vision

Launched by Terry Jones in 1980. Terry Jones is also known as the former Art Director of Vogue. i-D began as a fanzine dedicated to the street styles during the punk-era in London during the 80’s. The initial vision for this magazine was, to remain original. Originality and diversity has always been the main key points for the existence of i-D, and still is after more than 40 years. The primary focus of content for i-D has always been fashion, youth culture, art, photography.


Bonhams : i-D Magazine A Collection of i-D Magazines, 1980-2007, 14


The secret of the winking eye

‘The concept of the cover of i-D, with the one eye open and the one eye hidden, is that there are always two sides to a story. The winking eye was not just an anagram of our logo, but it was about the fact that you can’t judge someone on face value.’ And that goes back to my college days when they tried to throw me out for looking the way I did. Explained  Terry Jones in a NewYorkTimes interview. Such an interesting point of view, and a genius idea. Owning to the fact that i-D’s unique choice of logo and cover, has made this magazine grow a tremendous amount making it a triumph marketing strategy.  From a personal perspective, when I noticed the pattern in the covers -one eye being closed- it got me extremely captivated and made me want to learn the reason. And when I read the reasoning behind it, I became even more mesmerized by how much thought was put in. Now this gives both a strong message and great marketing. What more can you want?

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Iconic i-D covers through the years

i-D Magazine The Drenched Issue Gisele Bundchen Cover (i-D Magazine)





The Drenched Issue, No.195, March 2000.

Gisele Bündchen.





Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, i-D Magazine, August 1994 - Edward Enninful — Google Arts & Culture





The US Issue, No.131, August 1994.

Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell.










The Survival Issue, No.149, February 1995.

Kate Moss.







i-D Magazine, Fall/Winter 2023 - Alex Consani | Papercut





The New Wave Issue, No.373, Fall/Winter 2023.

Alex Consani.







The great motto of i-D

‘Originate, don’t imitate.’












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