Pay-per-Click: The different ways of online marketing

Yazan: Sanem Bahadır

PPC, that is what Pay-per-Click Marketing is called in a shorter version. Pay-per-Click Marketing is a new kind of online marketing, which is absolutely useful for a company’s advertising. The usage of PPC works just like the name tells. The company doesn’t have to pay for all the advertises they plug on a website, they just have to pay when the advertise gets clicked. The advantages which are given through the usage of PPC are firstly a definitely cost reduction and secondly the being of target-group-specification.

PPC Methods

There are two different kinds of using the PPC method, one is the Search Engine Optimization, the other is the Affiliate Marketing.

Through the usage of SEO advertising spaces can be booked by advertising companies. The more an advertiser wants to pay for a click, the more advantageous the ad is placed in the search result display. The user now enters something into the search input field and gets a result display matching his searched keyword.

So, the user receives advertising impressions which are target-group-specific. Also, the company only has to pay with a successful click, so pay per click.

Buy using the method of Affiliate marketing, company’s pay a commission to a publisher, who generates and manages the traffic of advertisement of the company’s products, services and information.

Publishers or affiliates offer their advertising space on a portal, blog or other website. These advertise spaces can be booked from merchants or advertisers in form of banners or text links. Users get to the page of the publisher while browsing and get the advertisement displayed. For a final click, the merchant pays a commission to the affiliate, and so again it is the usage of PPC.

The main advantage is of PPC is so the reduction of costs and the effective way to generate traffic. Though the usage of the pay-per-click method there is a guarantee given, to get a specific website to the first page of Google or Bing.


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